Regain Control Of Your Mind With These Tips

I don’t know anybody who does not have a negative voice inside his mind… In fact, everyone does!

It simply is part of life. It is called free will. It gives you the opportunity to make intelligent choices, improve yourself and develop to become a better version of yourself.

But until those benefits occur, you need to manage negative ideas that bothers you all night and day. Sometimes they hide in the depths of your subconscious mind, and sometimes they’re directly in front of your face. Throughout the daytime, negative thinking is much more manageable, because you can keep yourself occupied with work…

Then nighttime rolls around, and it can develop even till severe insomnia!

That’s when you shed control. Your twisted thoughts augmented reality. Helpless and spiraling out of control, you try hard but can not block the frightening images your creativity has made.

Since negative ideas are sneaky, and they appear in disguise, they appear as fear, uncertainty, or anxiety. Only one little thought and your creativity is triggered, tumbling into a crazy whirling cyclone that knocks you off your feet. It does not have to be like that… And in fact, you can change your thought process with the tricks in this article!


Mind control is a character strength which enhances the quality of your life. You might be unable to block the initial trigger notion, but it is possible to take the controls back rather than succumb to them.

Here’s how you do them…

1) Be aware. Be ready.

When you’re aware, you’re emotionally strong enough to fight off the ideas you do not want. Negative thinking happens to everybody. No one (that I understand) can escape the first trigger thought. What matters most is what happens after it you thought.

I’m not saying you ought to become anxious awaiting negativity to get there, it simply means that when you’re conscious, you realize when that activate thought occurs and knock it out instantly. The more conscious you are, the faster you catch hold of your mind and take the control back.

2) Do a reality check.

Many times I have given myself a gentle pat on my head merely to snap back to reality. The creativity is a strong force… especially once the negative thought will get hold of it.

You believe what you believe. When in reality, it is only a movie you’ve created in your mind. And if you are a creative individual; your creations are extreme, making them more realistic. If you are into statistics, this one is simple.

What are the odds of your dreams becoming reality?

Sadly, our nearest and dearest place themselves in situations which haunt us all night and day. So it is up to you to wipe out those ideas and bring yourself back to reality.

3) Realize that Fear is illogical.

I recall when I was having hurricane shutters put up in my 14th-floor apartment. The workmen were hanging ropes on the side of the building. There was no balcony or anything to fall onto, except the floor below. When they finished, they came to the flat.

I had been standing there with my sweet, tender 85-pound Retriever on a leash when among those high-flying workers freaked out. He was so scared of my dog; he would not step foot in the flat. It taught me an important lesson; a individual could be incredibly brave in one part of life, and illogically fearful in another. Stress makes no sense.

4) Erase, then Replace.

Sometimes just saying, “erase and replace” is sufficient. Additionally, it helps to have a “replace” statement prepared for use if you want it. 1 word is all you require.

You may select, “prevent” or “no” or “go.” Chant it.

Another useful phrases is, let go… everything will be ok.

5) Name it.

When you are stuck in negativity, you actually can interrupt the thoughts and give it a name. Whether you whisper it, or say it out loud, naming it causes a separation in your subconscious mind.

That’s sufficient to break the cycle. The negative force is powerful but you can be more powerful.

Sounds weird, but it works well.

6) It is your choice.

Bear in mind, this is the freedom of choice; your opportunity to ascertain which path you would like to take-who you need to be with, what career you wish to be in, and what you would like to eat for supper. It is up to you. You get to select how long the negativity stays on your mind.

Let me know if you’re able to do it!

It is hard, but it IS possible!

If you need any help, it might be helpful to know that there are support groups out there. Maybe even one in your area!

It’s super useful when you have a community with you and where you can share your experiences and also help others through their dark times.

It makes the process a lot more enjoyable for everybody!